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VARGA MARIA HANSEN - USA - Encaustic Artist - Member of - My new encaustic work on birch craddle board, primed with golden gesso. 24 x 18", or 61 x 46 cm. I used 80% MPO (Master Paste Original), and 20% hot wax, with stylus for the finer details. Based on my own memories: In my entire life I was always collecting pebbles and shells (still do).


BRENDA BOSKAMP - NETHERLANDS - Encaustic Artist - Member of - This is my latest encaustic work with hot wax & MPO on the background. My way of painting is changed forever thanks to MPO, using this wax paste and palette knives was completely new to me, and although I don't use it a long time, I cannot think of painting without it anymore, it has enriched my art. The colors , structure, layers, are so much more intense as compared to using only hot wax before. MPO is easy to combine with other media too, I already used it together with hotwax in another painting, a creative wax paste with many possibilities, cannot wait to explore them all.


JOHN BUCKLAND - WALES, UK - encaustic artist - Member of - MPO™ paste is a delightful medium to use for artists of all abilities. MPO™is a joy to work with, it has many qualities for the professional and Amateur artist alike and can be applied to most supports and other media.


MICHAEL BOSSOM - WALES,UK - Distributor of MPO™ - Encaustic Artist - Member of Encausticworld - Orange Handshake: Art is what we are; a funny thought, but true. Artwork reflects it's creator; notice that always. As we explore our individuality we discover our identity; one in which change is the nature of life itself. Orange Handshake is a celebration of this realisation.


JODIE SCHERER - USA - Distributor of MPO™ - Encaustic Artist - Member of On Encaustic Board 8"X8", mixed techniques, encaustic wax colors, and included MPO.


LAURA ECSIOVA - CZECH REPUBLIC/SLOVAKIA - Distributor > Artist - Member of Encausticworld - Painting on wooden board, 50cm x 70 cm , all MPO Painting created when thinking about my life and the events that touched me most...  


PETRA CHYLE - CZECH REPUBLIC - MPO Distributor - Encaustic artist - Member of MPO Encaustic painting on wooden substrate 80x60cm - "I love to paint nature and the same I did with MPO here. I used just my hands without any tools for colouring MPO with oils. No heat applied as I intended to leave it the way it was created - natural and spontaneous way. This painting found its home at my doctor and his wife's - They are my light in my life ! "


IRINA SUPRUNOVA ( aka.sonya sun ) - RUSSIA - Encaustic artist - Member of - Wax paste MPO,wax crayons,cardboard size 20x30, iron, hot platform, stylus, hairdryer I put the canvas on a heated platform. On the iron melted crayons and paint the sky, stylus - the trees and the snow-car wax, which dealt with a palette knife and warmed dryer embossing. But mushrooms ... as if they themselves had climbed through the thick snow to bask in the winter sun.


ARATI BEDEKAR - INDIA - Encaustic Artist - Member of - MPO - The Tree Bark – It’s a journey from hot wax (with my favourite heat tool – encaustic iron ) to cold wax MPO! This is my first attempt with original MPO paste . I have always loved observing trees, their sometimes twisted shapes, the textures, the colours ... The Tree Bark has been an exciting project – working on a block of wood to get the texture of a tree bark. I have never worked with oil paints, palette knives before and it was great learning to work on this piece, mixing oil paints/pigment with MPO and creating textures and shapes. Am looking forward to experiment and learn more with MPO !


PASCALE THOVEX - FRANCE - Encaustic Artist/ Art Teacher / - Member of Encausticworld - Substrate is prepared with texture paste for a different relief on the canvas. Then I have painted all black with acrylic. With the spatula and MPO I mixed various oil colors to blend (sometimes black, ochre, sienna) and MPO Gold. I fused entire surface and I have painted in oil on black and white horse's head. I fused again with hairdryer for softness. I give a moment to re-touch some technical mistakes on the horse's head.


LIESBETH VAES - NETHERLANDS - Encaustic Artist - Member of -Being used to work with hotwax, the cold paste was quite a challenge. I always work intuïtive, i follow the colours, the wax and whatever ‘happens’ during the process. It took me a while to discover how to ‘follow’ this cold paste in layers, which asked for a different approach and less tools, i’m used to work with spatula’s but hotwax forms other textures. Frustrating at times but also very rewarding. After some time i discovered the story and even though some actions failed, others worked and layer after layer my painting showed me more of the story. Fused the layers with a heat gun instead of a torch, took a lot of patience but it can be done. My ‘Inner Vision’ has come to life and i’ve enjoyed the MPO- process very much.


TATIANA BERENDEVA - RUSSIA - Encaustic artist - Member of -This work is based on canvas hardboard, 20x30cm, some details hot wax paint with a brush in between layers of MPO.



IAN FLANNERY -Based in Cheshire, UK - Encaustic artist - Member of -Web. -I am an encaustic artist and my name is Ian but I am better known locally as The Waxman. Whether using natural beeswax or MPO or combining the two I never quite know what is going to happen until it happens and I can then see something I can work with, sometimes creating the whole piece with MPO or using the paste to add highlights which is easily achievable and very effective - " Untitled" using palette knife work. Thin top layer of beeswax added and 'ironed' to give texture.


Antonin SEDLACIK / Encaustic painter/ Member of Encausticworld / MASTER PASTE ORIGINAL® MANUFACTURER


Eva KEDRONOVA / Encaustic painter from Czech Republic .~ Wooden support, I'm on the begging to get more acquainted with The Master Paste Original® Encaustic Cold Paste Medium combined with a collage.It is a great,effective encaustic medium which enlightens the encaustic art creation.


RAYNELLE KORINEK - artist painter based in USA / Member of Excellent understanding of encaustic mediums especially MPO.It is only recently Raynelle adopted this medium and her result should not stay unnoticed. Visually well translated expression of feelings and incorporating professional elements in to her creation. Completely balanced work from start to end does not let anyone's eye without profound observation.