Lesson 1 – Supports & Substrates

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Here are some of the most commonly used supports – untempered masonite – tempered masonite – canvas board – plywoods – as well as watercolor paper,clay,glass, also very compatible with  MASTER PASTE ORIGINAL®

watercolor_paper copy

Untampered Masonite

Tempered or Untempered Masonite


Canvas Board

                       Canvas BoardBirch Plywood                          







Birch plywood




Cradled birch boards

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2 Responses to “Lesson 1 – Supports & Substrates”

  1. Christine says :

    can this be used on a glass support? Or it must be absorbent as with regular wax medium?

  2. MPO can be used / applied onto glass support.It is very amenable paste with great viscosity and transparency.
    more >

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