Lesson 5 –MPO and Pigments

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Mpo & Color Pigments

Mastering color saturation using MPO™ is key to controlling the transparency, translucency and luminosity properties of each layer applied. Thus whether you are using dry powdered pigments or oil based paints remember to add your pigment/paint in small incremental quantities as to attain the desired effect while not over saturating.

Fig. 2.1 & Fig. 2.2: Red oil paint being measured then mixed with MPO™.
Fig. 2.3: Various examples of dry pigments (from left to right): gold, red and ochre.
Fig. 2.4: Various examples of oil paints (from left to right): red, blue and ochre-yellow.

Mixing Oil Paint with MPO

Figure 2.1

Mixing Oil Paint with MPO

Figure 2.2

Dry Pigments

Figure 2.3

Oil Paint Examples

Figure 2.4

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