Michael Bossom on Encaustic & MPO

by / Monday, 17 June 2013 / Published in Guest Posts

My encaustic journey began in 1986 and my life took on the molten creativity of the medium itself. Since then many lives have been changed all around the world by the information shared and encouragement to explore that I have tried to give. During this time the understanding of what the mediums of encaustic process can embrace has developed.

The Ancient roots and practises of working are still not agreed upon entirely, but what is very clear is that encaustic mediums offer a wonderful opportunity and versatility to those wishing to express artistically. So it is with enthusiasm , interest and a refreshing fascination that I have been fortunate to discover the newly created Wax medium from Antonin Sedlacik – Master Paste Original.

This MPO has opened new potentials for working methods; cold application methods enable layering, easy overpainting and exact colour mixing to name just a few. The fusing brings the MPO through the encaustic signature into a satisfying and beautifully polishable wax surface. All in all MPO brings new scope and fresh characteristics to the already wide range of encaustic mediums being used, so give it a try and see how your artistic expression can adapt to this unique medium.

Well done to Antonin Sedlacik for all your hard work, careful development and artistic authenticity.

Michael Bossom | Wales | UK

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  1. danita cole says :

    Thank you Michael: looking forward to exploring this new verion of an amazin medium. Good to hear your views as always! Danita Cole Professional Encaustic Artist

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