A bit of history behind


and its creator Antonin Sedlacik.


"Art exists already; I just draw the outline ..."

Naturalized Canadian artist of Czech origin. Mr. Sedlacik was born in 1962 and studied in Uherske Hradiste near the city of Brno. After his studies in Fine Arts and a compulsory stint in the army, he found employment first as technical staff, then decorator and set designer in the theatre world. Some of his first paintings were, in fact, exhibited in public theatre show rooms and private lounges. At the age of 23, he left his native country and established brief residences in ex - Yugoslavia and Austria.

He moved to Montreal in 1985. In 1987, he received the Jury's Special Prize from the Quebec's Minister of Culture Affairs at the prestigious "Quebec - My New Country" competition.

At the present time, he is working exclusively with MASTER PASTE ORIGINAL®. His principal artistic objective is to visually represent subjective emotions utilizing the encaustic technique - a process in which coloured beeswax is applied and fixed with heat.


Master Paste Original® (MASTER PASTE ORIGINAL®) is the result of nearly 4 decades of research, experimentation and perfection. Since its inception in 1977, MASTER PASTE ORIGINAL® has evolved and transcended its original purpose of being an alternative to archaic mediums which collaterally echoed into radical innovations in tools and techniques.

As a traditionally authentic artisanal product, MPO is composed of the finest ingredients nature has to offer. As a result MPO is a medium that possesses all the desirable qualities and properties which allows novices and masters alike to materialize perception and depth without compromise. With MPO the artist is in full control.

Antonin Sedlacik Portraits