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Pascale Thovex - Artwork

25 years of painting courses in a paint shop directed by Brigitte Depraz who has been graduated from “les Beaux Arts”. Painting courses in paint shop in Rome or Moscow too. Since I discovered the encaustic painting with the contemporary painter Phililpe Cogné, I have devoted myself to this technique by seeking to document or by my own research experiences.

The background of this big sized painting is made with saponified wax and pure pigments. After I drew the whole topic, I covered with encaustic and painted a first background with oil painting. Then I heated with a blowtorch to block the pigments and put the MPO in thin layers for a second layer of oil painting (light and shadow) similarly until you get the wanted result. Mastering with accuracy the blowtorch is necessary.

Finally, I can rectify the mistakes with the MPO.

I have been a teacher for 20 years and here this is my web site:
Pascale Thovex – France

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  1. says :

    Absolutely, just a beautiful piece of work. From the cloud textured background ending in the highlight of head; to the smooth shine and curvature to that magnificent full frontal, complete with the Native American (in my eyes) bridle….stunning.

    What a great introduction of technique that you describe for MPO and its apparent forgiving mixture how it can combine with other pigments. Looking forward to more of your work.

  2. Sue Tarkin says :

    Beautiful work. Amazing. I’m glad to find your site to order MPO.

    What is saponified wax? I’ve been doing encaustics for a long time but have never heard of that.


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